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It's official: Fidel Castro no longer leader of Communist Party
Historic Cuban leader Fidel Castro is no longer the head of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), he confirmed Tuesday. Castro said that he relinquished that position almost five years ago, when he stepped down from the country's presidency for health reasons and gave up power to his brother Raul Castro. The statement ends uncertainty about his future as head of the party, with less than a month to go before a historic PCC congress.

'I resigned without hesitation from all my state and political positions, including that of first secretary of the party, when I fell ill, and I never tried to exercise them after the proclamation of July 31, 2006, not even when I partially got back my health more than a year later,' Castro wrote in an article that was published Tuesday in Cuban state media. He noted, however, that 'everyone' had continued to refer to him 'affectionately' as head of the party since then. Castro, 84, and his brother, 79, in the past served as elected delegates to the PCC congress, to take place this year April 16-19 with focus on economic matters. Fidel Castro, however, has not so far confirmed his attendance, although he returned to public life in visibly improved health in July. 'I did indeed serve the revolution for a long time, but I never avoided risk or violated constitutional, ideological or ethical principles. I am sorry I did not have better health to keep serving it,' Castro wrote.

(c) Deutche presse agentur
16 Apr 2011 by admin
The Havana Journal

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