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Biocon Biopharmaceutical - New Cuba India joint venture in biotechnology
Cuba and India have become leaders in today’s biotechnology, said Indian Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on Tuesday during the opening of a modern institution for the production of humanized monoclonal h-R3 antibodies.

The official noted the importance of the joint enterprise Biocon Biopharmaceutical, created to produce and market the product.

Chidambaram also expressed the gratitude of the Indian people and government for Cuba’s assistance to earthquake victims in neighboring Pakistan.

Doctors Agustin Lage, director of the Cuban Center of Molecular Immunology and Kiran Mazumder, Biocon president, chaired the opening ceremony.

Lage confirmed that the clinical trials carried out on people affected by head and neck neoplasias and treated with h-R3 humanized monoclonal antibody evolve favorably.

Juan Carretero, the Cuban ambassador to India, called it a memorable day for all those involved in the project and especially for those like Cuban President Fidel Castro who had the vision to develop biotechnology.
28 Apr 2006 by admin
The Havana Journal

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