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New prison for women being built in Havana
Workers are rushing to finish a new correctional facility for women being built in Calderón, part of Alquízar municipality in Havana province, south of the city. Authorities have announced that the prison, with capacity for thousands of inmates, will be ready for use in three months.

The three existing women's prisons around Havana are all overcrowded since the raids carried out in the past months. Many of the inmates are serving terms of up to four years for “dangerousness,” a catch-all term that basically denotes having the potential for criminality.

In the case of women, it means prostitution or the suspicion thereof. Dangerousness is invoked whenever Cuban women are seen talking to foreigners, for instance, or when they are in the vicinity of tourist facilities or places frequented by tourists.
19 Apr 2006 by admin
The Havana Journal

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