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Cuba offers 1100 doctors to Hurricane Katrina victims
Cuban President Fidel Castro has announced that 100 doctors are ready to leave early Saturday morning to Houston, Texas to assist the victims of devastating Hurricane Katrina.

A second group of 500 Cuban doctors are also ready to depart to the US on Saturday afternoon and a third of 500 specialists Sunday morning with 24 kilograms each of medication and the necessary resources to assist emergency situations.

The 1100 medical specialists have international experience and knowledge of Basic English to assist the patients that have been seriously affected by the powerful hurricane, said the Cuban Head of State.

The Cuban President is informing the population on the current situation in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama according to information reported by different main stream media.

President Fidel Castro announced that the Government sent a letter of condolences to the family of the victims of Hurricane Katrina on August 30th through diplomatic channels. The Cuban Parliament also sent their condolences on Wednesday to the relatives of the victims of the powerful hurricane that has devastated Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

Hurricane Katrina hit Florida on August 25th, went to the Gulf of Mexico gathered strength and later entered Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama with Category 4.

There are currently over 50 thousand people that have lost their homes and belongings. There is still no official figure of people dead or material damage.
12 Sep 2005 by admin
The Havana Journal

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