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The "joy" of living in Cuba
Record summer heat has combined with hurricanes, relentless power cuts, water shortages and crumbling housing to tax Cubans' traditional patience with President Fidel Castro's government and the strains caused by the US embargo.

"I've never seen people talk this way about Fidel. That they want his head. Most of them really do not mean it. It's more like they are really frustrated with their father," a Havana housewife said the other night sitting in her pitch-black home in the La Lisa district.

18 Jul 2005 by admin

The electricity problem in Cuba
Summerís searing temperatures getting you down? Just be glad you donít live in Cuba where daily blackouts make it about impossible to beat this yearís record heat.

The islandís electric company began dimming the lights last month after it began rotating its most important power plants off line for regular maintenance.

At first, the blackouts were tolerable, four hours twice a week. But by mid-month they had grown to daily six-hour ordeals.

18 Jul 2005 by admin

Comandante Strikes Back - Fidel Castro opens his archives
Comandante Fidel Castro has always closely guarded his privacy against outsiders. Foreign reporters in Cuba will forever remember the furor over an article written in 1990 by Komsomolskaya Pravda correspondent Alexei Novikov, titled From Fidels Private Life, as a result of which the journalist was immediately ordered to leave Freedom Island. He was followed by correspondents from several Latin-American publications who had been tempted to quote from the juicy story.

14 Jul 2005 by admin

Hurricane damage statistics from United Nations in Cuba
This report is based on information provided by the Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Cuba.

12 Jul 2005 by admin

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