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Waiting in Havana
Vamos bien.

The words, written in red, are plastered against a green backdrop with a profile of one of the world's most famously infamous dictators facing them on countless billboards throughout Cuba's capital city.

25 Jul 2005 by admin

Detained in Cuba
Cuban authorities on Friday detained at least 20 opposition activists, including three prominent dissident leaders, who had organized a demonstration for the freedom of political prisoners, relatives and human rights monitors in Havana said. Also Friday, government supporters prevented several other dissidents from leaving their homes to participate in the demonstration at the French embassy.

25 Jul 2005 by admin

Beyond the Son and Sand
We are standing on Raúl Rivero’s balcony, smoking pungent Cuban cigarettes, watching the sun set over the dilapidated rooftops of El Cerro, a central, working-class neighborhood in Havana. Cuba’s capital seems much like the cliché: Loud music blares from every window and porch; women dance between potholes and debris; men lean against elegant, decrepit, European-style facades. Boys play baseball in empty lots, hitting cloth-and-tape balls with wooden sticks, and running bases between the famous jalopies of Cuba—these particular ones jacked up on blocks, cannibalized for parts, and rusting in peace.

20 Jul 2005 by admin

History of US interest in Cuba - with opinion
The economic sanctions imposed on Cuba by the United States are unique in view of their longevity and of their complexity but they are consistent with the real objectives of the first world power. In order to show this, it is necessary to base this analysis on the following postulate: the blockade is part of a scheme designed not to promote democratic values, as the administration in Washington would have us believe, but to control the natural resources of Third World nations through subjugation. And the history of the United States ­ characterized mainly by violent and bloody conquest of new territories ­ proves this unequivocally.

20 Jul 2005 by admin

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