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America seeks to accelerate end of Castro's regime with new post
The 46-year stand-off between Cuba and America has taken a turn for the worse after Washington appointed a "transition co-ordinator" to hasten the downfall of President Fidel Castro.

Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, chose Caleb McCarry to "accelerate the demise of Castro's tyranny" on the Caribbean island that the Communist dictator has run since a coup in 1959.

06 Aug 2005 by admin

Electricity update in Cuba
It's almost midnight on a weeknight, and hundreds of Cubans from across the city are sitting on Havana's long, curving seawall under the full moon, their only source of light during yet another wave of power blackouts plaguing Cuba this summer.

01 Aug 2005 by admin

Castro implores struggling Cubans, have more faith
Cubans yesterday ended a three-day holiday marking the rebellion that culminated in the 1959 revolution with hardly any of the public fanfare or mass celebrations of previous years. The subdued atmosphere reflected a widespread malaise in the Communist nation, fed by rising prices and 12-hour power blackouts during a steamy summer.

01 Aug 2005 by admin

Castro warns dissidents against 'acts of treason'
Cuban President Fidel Castro, on the 52nd anniversary of the start of his revolution, sternly warned his opponents on the island to simmer down or else.

In the darkest, bluntest warning to Cuban dissidents yet, Fidel Castro said Tuesday that ''acts of treason'' would not be tolerated and warned that attempts to destabilize would be confronted by the population "whenever traitors and mercenaries go one millimeter beyond what the revolutionary people . . . are willing to permit.''

01 Aug 2005 by admin

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