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Oswaldo Paya defines National Dialogue
There are many myths about Cuba and speculation about its future. Yet its people have not had a chance to express themselves freely -- and now, for the first time in many years, citizens have to opportunity to offer their opinions about a democratic transition and to show the path to the future. This is the National Dialogue.

12 Aug 2005 by admin

"Prostitution" in Cuba - Jineteros, Jineteras and Extranjeros
A diplomat's daughter born in Cuba, 25-year-old Alysia returns there on a yearlong student visa to look for her real father, a Cuban translator with whom her mother had an affair. With the US embargo in place, she is cut off from her life in the United States as she struggles to find Jose Antonio, using her late mother's diaries as a guide. During her search she discovers how deeply she identifies with a country that she's only just learned is her own.

06 Aug 2005 by admin

Fidel Castro July 26 speech - observation
It was all slick political theater, masterfully stage-managed by Fidel Castro, the man who changed Cuban history and clearly revels in his role as an outsize player on the world stage.

Still irrepressible as he nears his 79th birthday, the communist firebrand used the July 26 anniversary of the start of his rebellion to dismiss reports that his four-decade-old revolution is once again in trouble.

06 Aug 2005 by admin

We owe it all to Castro
Cuba's dancers are a breed apart - thanks to an unlikely alliance of el Presidente and the ballet diva known as 'the Mother'. Judith Mackrell reports from Havana.

For British dance fans, the exoticism of Cuban ballet has long been embodied in the brilliant, cocky talent of Carlos Acosta. He has always appeared to dance to a more exhilarating rhythm than most; to reflect a hotter, brighter light. The fact that Acosta made it to ballet stardom having been born and raised in one of the toughest slums of Havana has simply underlined his glamour.

06 Aug 2005 by admin

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