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Carter visits Cuba amid dispute over contractor
Former President Jimmy Carter arrived in Cuba Monday to discuss economic policies and ways to improve Washington-Havana relations, which are even more tense than usual over the imprisonment of a U.S. contractor on the island.
Carter was scheduled to meet with Jewish leaders — suggesting that his visit will deal at least partly with the case of Alan Gross, who was arrested in December 2009 while working for Bethesda, Maryland-based Development Alternatives Inc. on a USAID-backed democracy-building project.

28 Mar 2011 by admin

Cuba to transfer some political prisoners closer to home, grant others medical treatment
The Cuban government has agreed to move many of the country's 200 political prisoners to jails closer to their homes, and will give medical attention to some ailing prisoners, a church official told The Associated Press on Sunday.

The government's decision comes just days after a rare meeting between Cuban President Raul Castro and two church leaders, including Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega. After the meeting, Ortega said he was optimistic that there was willingness on the government's side to compromise.

24 May 2010 by admin

Cuba plans city farms to ease economy woes
Cuba has launched an ambitious project to ring urban areas with thousands of small farms in a bid to reverse the country's agricultural decline and ease its chronic economic woes.

The five-year plan calls for growing fruits and vegetables and raising livestock in four mile-wide rings around 150 of Cuba's cities and towns, with the exception of the capital Havana.

21 Feb 2010 by admin

Afro-Cuban priests predict social unrest in 2010
Some of Cuba's leading Afro-Cuban priests are predicting social unrest in 2010 and have called on the older generation of leaders to step aside.

The priests are from the influential Santeria religion, a mix of Catholicism and traditional African religions introduced by slaves. They made their annual forecast after conducting animal sacrifices.

06 Feb 2010 by admin

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