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Cuba will open embassies in four more Caricom countries
Cuba will open embassies in four more Caribbean countries, a move that will give it a presence in most of the Caricom nations, a Cuban official said Friday. Embassies in Antigua, St Vincent, Dominica and Suriname will open in about a month, said Alejandro Merchante Castellanos, Cuban Ambassador to the 15-member Caricom.

26 Mar 2006 by admin

Execs have eyes on Cuba
Jose Cancela wants to turn Cuba's state-run media into a profit-making enterprise.

The Miami-based Hispanic media consultant said he has lined up about $1 billion in pledges from potential investors to buy into Cuban television and radio markets once Fidel Castro leaves power and a democratic government takes over

16 Oct 2005 by admin

Pro-Castro editorial
Fidel Castro is one of the most controversial figures of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. When history books write about his leadership, he will in no doubt be cast as a villainous autocrat who isolated Cuba and its inhabitants from the rest of the world. His strangle hold on the power and position he fought for in the late forties and early fifties have oppressed the Cuban people’s right to travel freely out of Cuba, in addition to them not being able to express freely their discontent with Fidel’s government. However, when writing about Castro, historians and politicians cannot deny that Cuba, because of Fidel Castro, is a better place to live than before his reign.

09 Oct 2005 by admin

A day in the life of Oswaldo Paya
Men with binoculars have appeared on a balcony across from his church. Unscrewing a phone jack, he finds a bugging device. His creaky old bicycle goes missing -- three times.

A leading Cuban dissident, Oswaldo Payá lives in a world populated by not-so-secret agents, seemingly scripted from a Soviet-era spy novel. The pressure is meant to keep everyone second-guessing, he said, and to drive wedges between allies.

06 Oct 2005 by admin

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