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The state of Cuban tourism with statistics
Today, tourism is one of the most dynamic economic activities around the planet which has contributed to a steady development in this area in a number of countries despite the unfavourable consequences of terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

19 Apr 2006 by admin

Buena Vista Social Club member Pio Leyva dies
Pio Leyva, a singer and composer in the Buena Vista Social Club band of veteran Cuban musicians, has died of a heart attack. He was 88.

Leyva, who won a bongo contest at the age of six and made his singing debut in 1932, had suffered a stroke on Sunday and died early on Thursday morning in hospital, his daughter Rosalia said.

30 Mar 2006 by admin

Cuba develops treatment for Hepatitis C with Alpha-2B interferon and Rivairina
Cuba says it has developed a treatment for the Hepatitis C virus that would contribute to a long-term cure of liver damage caused by the disease.

The Havana-based Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology said the product is a combination of Alpha-2B interferon and Rivairina, developed in the country.

26 Mar 2006 by admin

China manufacturer Haier sells 300,000 refrigerators to Cuba
he Chinese Group Haier of eastern Shandong province was stage for a preparation ceremony for the first lot of 300,000 high-performance refrigerators contracted by Cuba in this country.

These appliances, assembled in three different models, were purchased here as part of the Energy Saving Program the Caribbean island has implemented.

26 Mar 2006 by admin

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