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Many are asking: Where's Raúl Castro?
Two days after Cuban leader Fidel Castro handed the reins of power to his brother Raúl, the newly named acting president has yet to appear in public.

While experts speculate that the defense minister-turned-president is busy in high-level meetings mobilizing the armed forces -- or even planning his brother's funeral -- the question remained: Where is Raúl?

''Raúl should make a speech, let us know he's around,'' said Eugenio, who makes a living driving a taxi in Havana and declined to provide his last name.

10 Aug 2006 by admin

Fidel's disappearance has Havana on edge
n the colonial-era heart of the Cuban capital, tourists milled about Wednesday snapping photos of a weathered Cuban woman puffing a cigar, while banners proclaiming, ''Viva Fidel! 80 More Years,'' hung from an occasional window.

But whether Fidel Castro will indeed make it to his 80th birthday on Aug. 13 remained far more uncertain in this city than the banners predicted.

10 Aug 2006 by admin

Announcement from the President to the Cuban people
Due to the enormous effort made to visit the Argentine city of Córdoba, participate in the MERCOSUR meeting, in the closing session of the Summit of the Peoples in the historical University of Córdoba and the visit to Altagracia, the city where Che lived as a child, and in addition to that immediately attending the commemoration of the 53rd anniversary of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes garrisons on July 26, 1953 in the provinces of Granma and Holguín, compounded by days and nights of continuous work with barely any sleep have all resulted in my health, which has stood up to every test, being subjected to extreme stress and breaking down. This provoked an acute intestinal crisis with sustained bleeding which obliged me to undergo a complicated surgical operation. All the details of this health accident are confirmed by X-rays, endoscopies and filmed material. The operation has obliged me to take various weeks of rest, at a remove from my responsibilities and duties.

08 Aug 2006 by admin

Life after Fidel Castro ... in Miami
Sometime in the future, word will hit the streets in Miami: Cuban leader Fidel Castro is dead.

Yes, parties will erupt spontaneously in many neighborhoods. Yes, tears will flow and rum bottles stashed in cupboards for that ‘’special occasion’’ will be opened.

12 Jun 2006 by admin

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