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London newspaper says Fidel Castro may be dead by Christmas
The ailing Cuban President Fidel Castro is battling terminal cancer and could be dead by Christmas, senior Western diplomatic sources have said. Observers close to the Cuban regime have reported that the leader is suffering from an aggressive form of stomach cancer and has refused radiation therapy or any other form of treatment.

11 Dec 2006 by admin

Anonymous US officials - Fidel Castro has less than 18 months to live
The U.S. government believes that Cuban leader Fidel Castro has terminal cancer and has less than 18 months to live, government officials say.

The information is not based on insider reports but rather on publicly available materials such as videos and still photographs of Castro released by the communist government, according to U.S. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

02 Dec 2006 by admin

Full text of Fidel Castro "no show" letter to waiting party guests
Message from President Fidel Castro to participants in the celebrations for his 80th birthday

Dear compatriots and dear friends from all over the world:

During this time, I have worked intensely to guarantee in our country the objectives of the Proclamation of the 31st of July.

Now we find ourselves facing an adversary who has led the United States into a disaster of such magnitude, that it is almost certain that the U.S. people themselves will not allow him to conclude his presidential mandate.

02 Dec 2006 by admin

The Economic Future of Cuba
Millions of visitors to Havana have been entranced by the Cuban capital's resorts and restaurants, its centuries-old baroque and colonial architecture, its malecon seawall and promenade.

Behind the tourist's facade, though, the Castro regime and military and government officials control nearly all of Cuba's multibillion-dollar economy, including tourism, finance, retail, agriculture and energy.

11 Sep 2006 by admin

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