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Official says Castro fit to run in 2008
Fidel Castro will be in "perfect shape" to run for re-election to parliament next spring, the first step toward securing yet another term as Cuba's president, National Assembly head Ricardo Alarcon said Thursday.

"I would nominate him," said Alarcon, the highest-ranking member of parliament. "I'm sure he will be in perfect shape to continue handling his responsibilities."

24 Mar 2007 by admin

Cuban leaders talking about Fidel Castro's new limited job description
Cuban leader Fidel Castro, sidelined by intestinal surgery almost eight months ago, is now recovering at a faster pace, taking part in daily government affairs, and fueling talk he may return to the helm of Cuba's communist government soon.

"The pace of his recovery process has picked up. We are all expecting it to be completed shortly," Vice President Jose Ramon Fernandez told reporters.

17 Mar 2007 by admin

Castro says he is battling to recover
Ailing leader Fidel Castro saluted Cubans on the eve of the revolution's 48th anniversary, thanking them for their support during his illness and telling them he had not lost his battle to recover.

''I am grateful to you for your affection and support,'' said the message read by a newscaster on state television and radio Saturday. "Regarding my recovery, I have always warned that it could be a prolonged process, but it is far from being a lost battle. I collaborate as a disciplined patient, attended by the consecrated team of our doctors.

18 Jan 2007 by admin

Fidel Castro may recover from digestive system ailment
Five months into one of the most bizarre episodes in modern Cuba’s history, the veil is slowly lifting over what ails the world’s longest-ruling head of state, President Fidel Castro.

A Spanish surgeon who examined the famous rebel just days ago told a press conference in Madrid, Spain, Tuesday that Castro does not have cancer and could still play a role in the Caribbean island’s future.

28 Dec 2006 by admin

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