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Cuba gears up for key Communist Party summit
A Communist Party summit set to start this weekend on the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion offers Cuba’s aging leaders a last hurrah to celebrate the victories of their past, and perhaps a final chance to salvage their revolution’s future.

Part pep rally, part nostalgia tour, part leadership shake-up, the Sixth Party Congress is designed to consecrate the once-unthinkable free market economic changes enacted by President Raul Castro as the country’s only path to prosperity.

Even the 79-year-old president acknowledges it will be the last such gathering under the island’s graying old guard — and they have a lot riding on its success.

16 Apr 2011 by admin

It's official: Fidel Castro no longer leader of Communist Party
Historic Cuban leader Fidel Castro is no longer the head of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), he confirmed Tuesday. Castro said that he relinquished that position almost five years ago, when he stepped down from the country's presidency for health reasons and gave up power to his brother Raul Castro. The statement ends uncertainty about his future as head of the party, with less than a month to go before a historic PCC congress.

16 Apr 2011 by admin

US Government to Spend $30 Million on Internet Campaign against Cuba
The US government is planning to spend some extra $30 million on projects aimed at using the internet to destabilize the Cuban government, Granma newspaper reported Monday.

he Cuban daily revealed that with that purpose the US Agency for International Development (USAID) requested non-governmental organizations and specialized companies to submit their “ideas”, according to a document recently posted at the Cuba Money Project website by US journalist and researcher Tracey Eaton.

The document —dated January 11, 2011— was brought to light the day before the beginning of the trial in Havana against American USAID contractor Alan Philip Gross, who was charged of leading illegal activities in Cuba.

28 Mar 2011 by admin

Carter visits Cuba amid dispute over contractor
Former President Jimmy Carter arrived in Cuba Monday to discuss economic policies and ways to improve Washington-Havana relations, which are even more tense than usual over the imprisonment of a U.S. contractor on the island.
Carter was scheduled to meet with Jewish leaders — suggesting that his visit will deal at least partly with the case of Alan Gross, who was arrested in December 2009 while working for Bethesda, Maryland-based Development Alternatives Inc. on a USAID-backed democracy-building project.

28 Mar 2011 by admin

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