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Closest CIA bid to kill Castro was poisoned drink
The closest the CIA came to killing Cuba's Fidel Castro was a 1963 attempt with a poison pill delivered by American mobsters that was to be slipped into a chocolate milkshake, a former Cuban intelligence chief said.

But the capsule stuck to the freezer where it was hidden in the cafeteria of the Havana Libre (ex Hilton) Hotel and ripped open when the would-be assassin waiter went to get the poison.

10 Jul 2007 by admin

Castro recovers health, but not role
Cuban leader Fidel Castro has yet to appear in public since falling ill last July.

But this week he ended a long silence about his health, issuing a signed statement late Wednesday saying he was eating solid foods and had regained weight.

The statement appears to confirm his slow recovery from intestinal surgery last year. But it also reinforces the growing conviction among some Cuba watchers that Castro is not contemplating a full return to power and may instead be content to occupy a back-seat political role for the remainder of his life.

16 Jun 2007 by admin

My ideas will live on
Fidel Castro said in a statement published Tuesday that U.S. President George W. Bush is waiting for him to die but that the American leader cannot kill his ideas.

The latest in a series of essays by the 80-year-old Castro, who has not been seen in public since becoming ill more than 10 months ago, was published on the front page of the Communist Party daily Granma.

The Cuban leader said that Bush, asked recently about his Cuba policy, replied: "I'm a hard-line president and I'm only waiting for Castro to die.''

''I'm not the first, nor will I be the last, who Bush has ordered to be deprived of life,'' said Castro, who offered no details of the alleged conversation.

16 Jun 2007 by admin

Cable to expand Cuba's internet capacity
A new undersea fiber-optic cable from Cuba to Venezuela should be finished within two years, a Venezuelan communications official said Thursday, dramatically expanding Cuba's internet and telephone capacity.

Julio Duran, president of state-run Telecom Venezuela, told The Associated Press that the deal signed in late January calls for a line with a capacity of 160 gigabytes per second.

24 Mar 2007 by admin

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