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Fidel Castro stays silent on health, but not U.S.
A new newspaper column signed by Fidel Castro and published Thursday again attacks U.S. policies toward the island but does not address his health.

Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque told journalists in Brazil on Thursday that the 81-year-old Castro is determined to fully recover from intestinal surgery last year that forced him to cede power to his brother Raúl.

''Fidel is doing very well and is disciplined in his recovery process,'' Pérez Roque said.

04 Sep 2007 by admin

Cuban Leaders: Castro Is Not Dead
Cuban leaders are strongly denying the rumors going around South Florida that their leader is dead.

Rumors of Castro's death are running rampant in Miami, and their frequency has intensified recently, as Castro's 81st birthday came and went Aug. 13 without any pictures, letters, or recordings from him.

The rumors went into overdrive Friday at a meeting of local officials who were going over their plans for when Castro really dies.

A road closure in the Florida Keys furthered the speculation, but it was actually caused by a police standoff.

27 Aug 2007 by admin

A year without Fidel
When Fidel Castro last appeared in public one year ago Thursday, he enthusiastically led about 100,000 Communist Party faithful in celebrating the audacious attack on an army barracks that launched his revolution.

These days, the convalescing 80-year-old seems to be in vigilant semiretirement.

13 Aug 2007 by admin

Recovering Cuban leader now writing for posterity
Nearly a year since he last stood before a throng of thousands for one of his usual hourslong speeches, Fidel Castro has found something to replace his podium: his pen.

Castro has written more than a dozen articles in the past two months, in what experts view as a move to position himself as an ombudsman of world affairs. More than half of his essays take on global energy issues such as ethanol, but they never tackle Cuba's myriad domestic problems.

Others have been reflective or even melancholic. Some meander in incoherent directions.

12 Jul 2007 by admin

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