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'New president' won't bring change to U.S.
Fidel Castro said late Friday that the election of a new president will not bring change to the United States, but failed to mention Barack Obama by name.

In an essay posted on a government-controlled website, the ailing 82-year-old former president scoffed at any notion communist Cuba will "transition" toward capitalist reforms and promised to watch closely as leaders from around the world gather in Washington this weekend to discuss the global financial meltdown.

19 Nov 2008 by admin

Cuban ethanol boom doubtful after Castro exit
Cuba will only jump on the ethanol bandwagon if it can produce the biofuel from sugar cane as a by-product that does not affect its sugar output, local experts said on Friday.

Fidel Castro's retirement this week fueled speculation that ethanol could become a billion-dollar export industry for the cash-strapped communist country under his brother Raul Castro.

The younger Castro, who is expected to be confirmed as Cuba's new leader on Sunday, is considered less ideological and more pragmatic than his brother, and has indicated an interest in drawing more foreign investment in recent speeches.

03 Nov 2008 by admin

Fidel Castro compares Hurricane Gustav to atomic bomb blast
Hurricane Gustav hit Cuba like an atomic bomb last weekend, said the island's ailing former leader Fidel Castro. In a commentary published under his name in the Communist Party daily Granma on Wednesday, Castro said the storm caused damages estimated at many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This amount would be needed only to satisfy the most elementary needs of the population, the 82-year-old former president said under the headline “A Nuclear Blow.”

03 Nov 2008 by admin

Tough Times Pose Economic Challenges For Cubans
Nearly 50 years after revolution brought Fidel Castro to power, Cuba's infrastructure is in shambles. Agricultural production has plummeted, and many ordinary Cubans say daily life has become a struggle to survive and feed their families.

The transfer of power from Fidel to his younger brother, Raul, who was named president in February, has been seen by some on the island as an opportunity for change in one of the world's last communist regimes.

03 Nov 2008 by admin

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