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President Barack Obama seeks 'a new beginning' with Cuba
President Barack Obama ushered in a new U.S. relationship with Cuba on Friday and set the stage for talks with Cuban President Raul Castro on some of the contentious issues that have divided their nations for 47 years.

"The United States seeks a new beginning with Cuba," Obama said at the opening of the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad. "I know there's a longer journey that must be traveled to overcome decades of mistrust. But there are critical steps we can take toward a new day."

19 Apr 2009 by admin

I don't expect to last beyond Obama's first term
Fidel Castro has said he doubts he will make it to the end of Barack Obama's four-year term as US president and has instructed Cuban officials to start making decisions without taking him into account.

In an online column titled Reflections of Comrade Fidel, the 82-year-old former Cuban president suggested his days were numbered, saying Cuban officials "shouldn't feel bound by my occasional Reflections, my state of health or my death".

"I have had the rare privilege of observing events over such a long time. I receive information and meditate calmly on those events," he wrote. "I expect I won't enjoy that privilege in four years, when Obama's first presidential term has ended."

He didn't elaborate, but the lines had the ring of a farewell.

19 Apr 2009 by admin

Fidel Castro "energetic" in meeting with U.S. lawmaker
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro seemed alert and energetic on Tuesday in his first known talks with U.S. officials in years, and asked how to best help U.S. President Barack Obama normalize relations between their countries, U.S. lawmakers said.

"Of course, he has been ill. But I think we will agree that he was very healthy, very energetic, very clear thinking," said Representative Barbara Lee.

19 Apr 2009 by admin

Venezuela's Chavez says Fidel Castro up and walking, in 'very, very good' shape
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Friday that Fidel Castro seemed in "very, very good" shape when they met in Cuba last week and he claimed that the ailing revolutionary had even walked in the streets of Havana. Chavez, a close friend of Castro, said the health of the 82-year-old former Cuban leader was "much better than all the times I've visited him in the past three years, two and a half years."

02 Mar 2009 by admin

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