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Castro says Cuban system to stay
Cuban President Raul Castro says he is willing to enter into dialogue with the US but the island's communist system remains non-negotiable.
Mr Castro said he wanted to respond to recent overtures by Washington.
But in a speech that was given a standing ovation in parliament, he also emphasised that he had not been elected to return Cuba to capitalism.

29 Nov 2009 by admin

In Cuba, Change Means More of the Same, With Control at the Top
When President Raúl Castro of Cuba began one of the biggest government shakeups in decades early last month, he explained the move simply as an attempt to streamline the government.

But the firing of a half-dozen top functionaries — including the surprising firing of two internationally prominent ministers — showed that under Mr. Castro, politics and decision-making are likely to remain as centralized and tightly controlled as they were under his brother, Fidel Castro.

27 May 2009 by admin

Cuba Waits for Obama as Ailing Fidel Castro Fades From Scene
At a dingy former Woolworth's here, the fluorescent lights bathe the store's pink walls and thinly stocked shelves in a dim, artificial glow. Still a variety store, though owned by the Cuban state, it sells a hodge-podge of items, including beer and pastries, motorcycle helmets and baseball jerseys, plastic utensils and used clothing. A wall placard lauds the recent 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution. Customers amble about, although few find anything to buy, the pastries aside.

27 May 2009 by admin

President Barack Obama seeks 'a new beginning' with Cuba
President Barack Obama ushered in a new U.S. relationship with Cuba on Friday and set the stage for talks with Cuban President Raul Castro on some of the contentious issues that have divided their nations for 47 years.

"The United States seeks a new beginning with Cuba," Obama said at the opening of the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad. "I know there's a longer journey that must be traveled to overcome decades of mistrust. But there are critical steps we can take toward a new day."

19 Apr 2009 by admin

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