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Cubans Who Stormed Embassy Get Up to 18 Years
A Cuban court handed down prison sentences of up to 18 years for 23 men who stormed the Mexican Embassy three years ago in a bid to flee the country, a human rights group said on Tuesday.

01 May 2005 by admin

After Castro, don't expect any sudden changes in economic policy
Cuba's macropolicy, both short term and long term after Castro, will be decided in Havana, not in the United States. But whatever course the Cubans choose, it is unlikely that they will scrap his eccentric brand of socialism wholesale and overnight, wildly inefficient though it has been. One should not assume that Cuba will suddenly decide to jettison its own in favor of the experience of some other nation. Certainly, the Cuban people will be better off when Cuba opens up its economy and rejoins the international financial system. But it is impossible at this juncture to predict how it will do so, or whether quickly or in deliberate stages. It is doubly difficult to predict how the administration of the day in Washington will react, or to say when and how it will dismantle its own misguided economic policies toward the island. One might hope that post-Castro Cuba will shift, prudently but deliberately, to a growth-oriented, outward-looking system, but the process is likely to be less than tidy. And we must accept that it cannot be managed by outsiders

14 Apr 2005 by admin

Fidel Castro Sends Message of Condolence to Vatican and orders three days of mouring
On behalf of the Cuban government and people, President Fidel Castro sent a letter of condolence to the Vatican following the death of Pope John Paul II.

"The Cuban people, government and I express our most sincere condolences for the sorrowful demise of His Sanctity John Paul II," maintained Fidel Castro in his message to Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo, Camerlengo of the Holy See.

09 Apr 2005 by admin

Elections in Cuba set for April 17
The members of the tables to work in the 37,000 electoral colleges for municipal elections on April 17 are receiving Tuesday training seminars, as part of the final touches for the event.

The tables are composed of citizens over 16 who are not legally or mentally disabled, with full electoral rights, except that they are not candidates for deputies to the Popular Power Municipal Assemblies (local governments).

09 Apr 2005 by admin

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