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Santiago de Cuba tourism
Santiago de Cuba has many attractions to develop tourism in the territory.

Local tourism authorities noted the existence of 3,600 rooms distributed in 23 hotels, one third of which are four- and five-star establishments.

According to statistics, an annual average of 115,000 vacationers have visited Santiago de Cuba over the past five years, so the city has become the country's second major destination.

The Antonio Maceo International Airport, which can receive medium- and large-size planes, has contributed to boosting tourist arrivals in the province.

The airport receives flights from Canada, France, Italy, Spain and the Caribbean region, and many tourists arrived by boat.

The region's main tourist markets are France, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy and Holland, among others.

24 May 2005 by admin

Cuban vaccine against the Haemophilus influenzae B receives WIPO award
The Cuban vaccine against the Haemophilus influenzae B, the first of its kind obtained from synthetic antigens in the world, received the Gold Medal granted by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

08 May 2005 by admin

Cuba after Fidel
When Fidel Castro departs, Cuba will reach a crossroads. A post-Castro regime that attempts to remain communist may find itself in a cul-de-sac where old policies and instruments no longer work. If such a regime should falter, a democratic-leaning replacement government is only a remote possibility. The country will face severe and simultaneous challenges on several fronts: an alienated younger generation, a growing racial divide, an aging population, and a deformed economy.

08 May 2005 by admin

Reporters without Borders
Women and mothers are now protesting against the dictatorship in Cuba, just as they once did against Argentina's military rulers. Seven journalists were released from prison in 2004 as a result of their pressure and support from abroad, but 22 others were still being held. The regime also has no intention of relaxing its tight control of all news.

08 May 2005 by admin

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