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Santiago de Cuba celebrates 490 year anniversary
The city of Santiago de Cuba, the capital of the eastern province of the same name, has become a special attraction for tourism this year, when it will celebrate its 490th anniversary.

A busy program of activities will be implemented in the city from March to October, the traditional low tourist season in the Caribbean Island, since Santiago de Cuba will celebrate the 490th anniversary of its foundation in July.

01 Jun 2005 by admin

Touring Sunny Cuba: Dead Crabs, a Sick Driver, Fading Fidel
In the Caribbean town of Gerona, on Cuba's Isle of Youth, a festival is under way. Horse-drawn carts and bicycle taxis take revelers to open fields, where young Cubans drink beer and gather in circles to talk.

Parents walk hand-in-hand with their children, stopping on a bridge to chat with old friends or to play traditional fair games like tossing the ring over the bottle.

01 Jun 2005 by admin

Cuba to switch computers to Linux, dumping Windows
Cuba will gradually switch to the open-source Linux operating system for its state computers, eliminating its exclusive use of Microsoft Windows, the government daily Juventud Rebelde reported Tuesday.

Roberto del Puerto, director of the state office of information technology, told the daily that Cuba already has about 1,500 computers using the Linux system, a free operating system whose technical data is open for public viewing.

24 May 2005 by admin

Cuban telephone service
Cuba is replacing analogue telephone technology with digital services, as part of a strategy to improve telephony on the Caribbean Island.

According to executives from Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (ETECSA), more than 130,000 phone lines will be digitalized in Cuba.

Technological conversion will involve both telephone lines and 242 plants throughout the country.

24 May 2005 by admin

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