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Afro-Cuban priests predict social unrest in 2010
Some of Cuba's leading Afro-Cuban priests are predicting social unrest in 2010 and have called on the older generation of leaders to step aside.

The priests are from the influential Santeria religion, a mix of Catholicism and traditional African religions introduced by slaves. They made their annual forecast after conducting animal sacrifices.

06 Feb 2010 by admin

Castro says US on offensive in Latin America despite Obama
Fidel Castro says President Barack Obama's "friendly smile and African-American face" are hiding Washington's sinister intentions for Latin America - more evidence of a new cooling in U.S.-Cuba relations after a thaw had seemed possible just months ago.

In a letter to Hugo Chavez that the Venezuelan president read at the close of a summit of leftist Latin American nations Monday, Castro said the U.S. "empire is on the offensive again" in the region.

24 Jan 2010 by admin

Viva the Cuban property revolution!
For a communist country, Cuba has marketed itself pretty well over the years. It's almost impossible to hear the island's name without thinking of white rum, cigars, salsa, Ernest Hemingway and streets lined with battered 1950s American cars.

It's also done a pretty good job with tourism. After decades of isolation, the government began promoting the island's beaches and stunning crumbling capital city, Havana, to international visitors around 15 years ago. And despite concerns over its human rights record, it has become one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, with over two million visitors each year.

24 Jan 2010 by admin

Haiti Earthquake May Be Opening For U.S.-Cuba Cooperation
The earthquake in Haiti is an opportunity for the United States and Cuba to set aside politics and work together to help a neighbor after it seemed their brief rapprochement under U.S. President Barack Obama was over, Cuba experts said.

Cooperation to help quake victims in the poorest state in the Western Hemisphere might allow the long-time ideological foes find common ground and lay a base for better long-term relations, they said.

24 Jan 2010 by admin

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