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Hurricane Dennis kills ten people in Cuba
Hurricane Dennis lashed Cuba on its way to the Gulf of Mexico and the United States Friday, killing at least 10 people as it raked the Caribbean's largest island with torrential rains and 135 mph winds and forced thousands to flee the Florida Keys.

09 Jul 2005 by admin

Castro continues to shrink foreign investment and business in Cuba
In a further sign of economic retrenchment, Cuban officials have closed scores of foreign businesses that were welcomed here a decade ago to bail out the nation's faltering economy.

Some of Europe's largest companies formed joint ventures or other arrangements with Cuba's state-run enterprises, including Swiss food giant Nestle, cigarette producer British American Tobacco and Spanish hotel-management giant Sol Melia.

02 Jul 2005 by admin

The worst news in Cuba from USAID funded receives US government money and has reporters in Cuba looking for dirt. They only report bad news, never anything good.

Here is the worst news from their daily newsletter that they could find in all of Cuba today. Your US tax dollars at work:

1) Store window stoned during blackout
2) Baby food distributed three months late
3) Police search a truck and its passengers

22 Jun 2005 by admin

A day in the life - Survival and business in Cuba
Officially, the 39-year-old woman makes about $6 a month selling produce at an open air market near the city's famed seaside wall. But when business is brisk, she can more than double her salary.

22 Jun 2005 by admin

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