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Damage reports from Hurricane Dennis in Cuba
Hurricane Dennis spared the Cuban nickel, oil and tobacco industries as it roared across the island on Friday, but caused some damage to tourism and sugar and hit citrus and coffee hard, according to preliminary reports.

Power outages continued across much of the country on Monday, slowing economic activity, as damage to homes, social installations, warehouses and some factories was surveyed.

12 Jul 2005 by admin

Update after Hurricane Dennis hit Cuba
Under a drizzle that seemed to cover all of Cuba, more than 1.5 million evacuees returned to their homes on Sunday as workers began recovery efforts in the aftermath of the worst hurricane to hit the communist nation in four decades.

12 Jul 2005 by admin

Michael Parmly likely to get diplomat job in Havana (and he's not like James Cason)
The State Department is expected to name a European specialist as new envoy to Havana.

Michael Parmly, a career U.S. diplomat with experience in promoting democracy and human rights, will replace James Cason as the State Department's top man in Havana, Cuba experts familiar with the matter say.

12 Jul 2005 by admin

Cason's farewell speech from US Interests Section in Havana
Change is inevitable in Cuba, and the United States and others will work with the Cuban people as they build a democratic and prosperous country, says James Cason, chief of mission at the U.S. Interests Section in Havana.
In his July 4 final remarks to the U.S. Interests Section before leaving his post, Cason outlined U.S. efforts to encourage a democratic, free and prosperous Cuba, focusing in particular on efforts to assist Cuban pro-democracy activists.

12 Jul 2005 by admin

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