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How to quit smoking Habanos cigars: Don't smoke in public in Cuba
Cuba, the country long associated with fine cigars, has abruptly decided to take steps to ban smoking in public. According to The Independent, the law on smoking in public will come into effect within a fortnight.

23 Jan 2005 by admin

Health : Cuba Reports Record Low Infant Mortality Rate
Cuba's health system reported the lowest infant mortality rate in history in 2004, as a result of health programs carried out by local authorities.

According to statistics from the health sector, the Caribbean Island reported 5.8 deaths per every 1,000 live births in 2004, one of the lowest rates in the world.

19 Jan 2005 by admin

Cuban biotech advances with lung cancer vaccine production
Three new plants will begin producing the Cuban therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer to be used for clinical trials on the island and for similar efficiency tests in the United States.

19 Jan 2005 by admin

How to invest in Cuban real estate - wait
Just 90 miles from American shores yet impossibly out of reach is a cash-starved nation awash in billions of dollars in real estate.

The largely untapped Cuban market, with exquisite mansions, majestic colonial homes and virgin beaches, is a potential gold mine for U.S.

23 Feb 2005 by admin

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