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Azúcar versus ambiente
En la prensa oficiosa cubana se publican artículos sobre los trabajos de reanimación y recuperación ambiental que se realizan en la Isla, que resultan del interés y regocijo de todos los que aman al planeta y su futuro.

24 Dec 2004 by admin

Fidel Castro back on his feet after breaking knee
Cuban President Fidel Castro is back on his feet less than two months after breaking his left kneecap and right arm in a fall. During a visit by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez this week, Castro vigorously shook hands — with his right arm — and stood unassisted for several minutes at a time.

18 Dec 2004 by admin

How to invest in Cuban real estate - wait
Just 90 miles from American shores yet impossibly out of reach is a cash-starved nation awash in billions of dollars in real estate.

The largely untapped Cuban market, with exquisite mansions, majestic colonial homes and virgin beaches, is a potential gold mine for U.S.

23 Feb 2005 by admin

To Live in Cuba
After the 1959 revolution, Cuba's rebel government snatched thousands of properties abandoned by the rich.

"Thanks for the houses," Fidel Castro said in 1960, announcing plans to turn some of Havana's most exclusive homes into lodging for visiting VIPs.

23 Feb 2005 by admin

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