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New Biotechnology Facilities in Cuba
New biotechnological facilities to produce the elements used to make vaccines were inaugurated in Cuba this month.

One of the plants will produce the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to make six kinds of vaccines.

15 Dec 2004 by admin

EU takes steps to restore Cuban dialogue
European Union experts on Cuba Tuesday recommended excluding dissidents from cocktail functions at EU embassies in Havana and resuming high-level visits to the island as a way to restore dialogue with the communist government.

15 Dec 2004 by admin

The Cuban Biotech Revolution - Cancer Therapies, AIDS Medications and Vaccines
Embargo or no, Castro's socialist paradise has quietly become a pharmaceutical powerhouse. (They're still working on the capitalism thing.)

The end of the cold war was cruel to Cuba. The country's trading partners, denied Soviet largesse, dried up. Hard cash ran low. What food the country could grow languished in the fields; trucks didn't have enough gasoline to bring the crops to market. And of course there was the US embargo.

12 Dec 2004 by admin

Flying Back To Cuba
Life is rough in the U.S. said Antonio Quinta who recently went back to his homeland,Cuba.

Antonio Quinta who came to the U.S. by way of a raft nearly 10 years ago has returned home to Holguin,Cuba.

"All I had in the U.S. was an uncle who never really knew me, he was able to help me for a short while,setting me up with my own concrete pumping business,he paid for it all,helped me tremendously,but life in the U.S. is'nt what it's cracked up to be,it's hard,very hard"

12 Dec 2004 by admin

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