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Castro photo gets a Hitler makeover
Cuban authorities have launched an inquiry into how the official newspaper of the Communist Party ran a front page photograph of the President, Fidel Castro, which appeared to have been doctored to make him look like Adolf Hitler.

When the issue of Granma hit the streets this month, party officials began to retrieve as many copies as they could, an operation which appears to have deterred foreign journalists based on the island from reporting the story.
03 Apr 2004 by admin

Cuba es el 'tercer refugio' para terroristas de ETA en América Latina
Unos 130 etarras viven en la región y desempeñan funciones de logística y financiación para la banda. México y Venezuela albergan las mayores colonias.

25 Feb 2004 by admin

Inicia delegación internacional gestiones
A pesar de las presiones sobre su Gobierno por parte de la comunidad internacional, el presidente de Haití, Jean Bertrand Aristide, reiteró su posición de permanecer en el poder, al tiempo que muestra flexibilidad para una negociación en aras de la restauración del orden, comenta PL
22 Feb 2004 by admin

How to invest in Cuban real estate - wait
Just 90 miles from American shores yet impossibly out of reach is a cash-starved nation awash in billions of dollars in real estate.

The largely untapped Cuban market, with exquisite mansions, majestic colonial homes and virgin beaches, is a potential gold mine for U.S.

23 Feb 2005 by admin

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