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This site is used to test different applications, scripts and technologies. I see it as a playground to experiment with new programming methods. I do not know if you know me, or how you came to this site. Please keep in mind that it is first and foremost for me only, and do no expect to find anything useful here. However, some of the stuff is public, as the knowledge about the public eye, somehow forces me to finish a project. A while ago I thought about putting a blog here. But then again, I believe you need to have something interesting to say to blog it. At the moment, I cannot think of anything that is not better explained elsewhere, so I continue to be a blog-less man.

Still here? ... This site and everything I work on is put on old and out-dated hardware. The machine itself is slow but stable as few things nowadays. It is hidden away in my kitchen closet and a neat ventilation system keep cabinet temperature below 30 degrees celcius. I only bring it down to clean the closet or do a visual inspection of 'my precious'.

The good software I use or modify may cause the stability. I only use free software on the server side, and I would like to thank all the good people that make it free. Without them, I had learned very little with respect to server programming. The following sites and communities have made some cool stuff, witch I use on

I would also like to thank all the people that write good tutorials. I think IT-books are boring, but an online IT-tutorial can be clear and concise. I started server programming after reading several excellent & funny tutorials on Webmonkey.

A personal note: Text relating to Cuba and Cuban politics do no necessarily reflect my personal beliefs. I put it here to have something interesting to read when I'm bored and away from home. Most of it come from The Havana Journal or CubaNet. Thanks to the people that in someway or another care about the Cuban people ...

In short: This is a private server, and expect nothing to work.

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